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How to Embed Almost Anything in Google Sites

Posted to Google Certified Teachers Forum by Kern Kelley
November 23, 2008
Hi everyone, I've been meaning to find time to do for this for awhile
and I finally had a chance to pull it together. Thanks to everyone
who's been adding to the list so I was able to pull the ideas together
and make a few screen casts.

I did this in four steps. The first screencast is embedding a Google
Calendar that has multiple calendars in it.

The second is creating a Widgetbox to store an embed code on an
iGoogle page.

The third is embedding a gadget from your iGoogle to your Google Site

And finally embedding an interactive Google Map (with the code needed)


 I'm sure someone will find an easier ways to manage some of these and
I'm all ears!

Thanks to Jesse for just awesome, thanks to
Martha for her fantastic VoiceThread screencast and Lisa Thumann for
spurring me on to get this out there :)