LAUSD Google Apps for Students

Google's suite of tools provide optimal collaboration and learning activities for our students and teachers.

With an LAUSD MyMail Account (student, students have access to:
Mail (G-Mail with LAUSD branding)
Google Documents (Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Forms, Presentations)
Google Sites (a collaborative web site tool)
Google Calendar

Access to these tools is turned off:
iGoogle (front page of Google)
Google Talk (a chat application)

Directions for getting student emails for your school:
In order for students to have email accounts, a sub-administrator, in charge of creating student email accounts, needs to be designated at your school. If your school already has a sub-administrator, they should be able to create accounts in the new system now. Here are the directions for designating a sub-administrator for your school:
  • The first step in the process is to have your principal designate a school email sub-administrator. who will be responsible for creating and managing student accounts. This person will need to fill out the email subadminstrator form. ¬†Once this form in submitted, the request is processed.
  • Once a school email sub-administrator is established, then this person will receive a sub-admin account that will allow him/her to create individual accounts or request the batch creation of 50 accounts or more. They will also receive directions on how to create these two types of accounts.

Google Accounts (free accounts that educators can create)

Teachers in LAUSD are not yet part of the student email system. Therefore, teachers need to create a regular Google account.

How to create a Google account for yourself:

How to Create a Google Account


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