Google Maps

Resources for Using Google Maps in the Classroom

Introduction to Google Maps for Educators

Introductory Video of How to Use Google Maps

Edina Tech Camp
A great resource for learning how to use Google Maps in the Classroom, with guides on creating a classroom map, inserting pictures, publishing and more. Also included are some classroom project examples.

Embedding YouTube Videos into Google Maps and Google Earth

Google Maps (Got Google)
A wealth of online resources for using Google Earth in the Classroom, including classroom examples and tips/tricks for including content.

Cliotech:Google Maps
Great ideas and tips for using Google Maps with Students

Write a Story Using Google Maps

Measure Area
This article shows how to measure area and perimeter using Google Earth.

Google Map Content
Add features to Google Maps like weather, measurement and many other tools to add functionality to the tool

Google Mashups

Google Maps from Spreadsheets
  • Map-A-List
    A Google Maps/Spreadsheet mashup that allows a user to use a Google spreadsheet to import data to auto-create a map. User must grant access to Google account to the Map-A-List engine.
  • Spreadsheet Mapper 2.0
    Use a spreadsheet template to generate a map with different types of markers and text boxes.
Other Google Mashups

Google Maps Mania
Learn about other apps that use Google Maps in their interface

Give it a Try

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